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EC Autopilot

Allow us to create your custom solutions!

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The EC Autopilot provides a flexible framework so we may quickly add additional features to the platform. If you have an automation need or would like a way to see the EC data from a new perspective, contact us today.

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Infinity Tech's team is available to bring your ideas to life. With your help we will be able to design a product that will benefit you in the most efficient way as possible. We will:

  • Create a detailed product scope
  • Provide mockups, templates, and other design-related content
  • Generate a delivery schedule
Plan of Action
Bring it to Life


As Infinity Tech builds your custom features, we will keep you up to speed on every step of the way with our Project Management:

  • Regular status updates
  • Prototype examples
  • Offline User Interface models
  • Standard 360-feedback loop
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Infinity Tech provides an installation process and software package for your new components. Implementation is often as simple as copying a few files and executing a command. It really is that easy!

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