EC Autopilot Modules

Netcrypt Bundle

This bundle provides tools for Building, Analyzing, and Removing Netcrypts.

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QAM Bundle

This bundle provides tools for Building and Removing QAMs.

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VOD Bundle

This bundle provides tools for Building and Removing Service Groups.

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Non-SA Sources

The Non-SA Souce tool allows for the client to review and manage the Non-SA Source Definitions configured within the Explorer Controller.

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Explore Database

The Explore Database Library allows a user to conveniently view and search raw database records within the Informix Database without adding risk of manually executing database commands.

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Session Stats

The Session Stats tool allows for the client to view the source status as well as the amount of active sessions within a source.

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Platform Config

Here the user is able to customize the dashboard to their preferences in order to remove or add any desired tools that EC-Autopilot provides.

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Transaction History

Here is where you are able to roll back to prior instances of your EC in the case of faulty information is passed.

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This provides detailed descriptions for the operation and purpose of each module. Here images are provided to show what the desired outcome will be.

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